User Maps
In addition to its episodes, MTK offers some additional levels available on this page.

These are to download in the root folder of the game, then to launch via the menu : New Game → User Maps.

You can submit your maps :
If you are creative, and your maps are of sufficient quality, you can offer them for download on this page. Just send me an email ([AT] containing the following:

the file of your map

your name

your website URL (optional)

a screenshot (F12 in game)

a short description of your map

a Youtube link to a let's play (optional)

the MTK version you used (MTK/version.txt)

1 - The Water Station
Author : Seb Luca
Release : 28/07/2019

During his escape at the end of episode 2, our friend The Killer had to stop at a water station. Get into the underground pipes and find the valve that will purge the exit of the water that blocks it.
Minimum version required : 2.01

or watch the Let's Play ▼
2 - Misty Heights
Author : Seb Luca
Release : 13/08/2019

A client sent you to eliminate a young target. Then, you will have to flee through the rooftops to (once again) reach the border.
Minimum version required : 2.02

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3 - A Haunted Monastery
Author : Seb Luca
Release : 29/08/2019

The Killer fled into the woods to hide from the police. He accidentally finds there an entrance, dug into a small mountain. Then a question is to be asked: is it a shortcut to a safe place ... or a much greater danger?
Minimum version required : 2.03
"Polymer" must stay activated

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