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31st October 2018(Lastest News)

The moment has come! Episode 2 has arrived! On this night dedicated to death, one of its proudest representatives is coming back!

Welcome to Randomaniac, a dark city where our friend The Killer is going. This place has a particularity: each level can take randomly three different configurations! Thus, this new episode of MTK can be completed in 27 different ways. Lovers of variety: rejoice!

Well, I hope that you will like See you! Mhi mhiii!

27th October 2018


It's decided: episode 2 of MTK will be released during the evening of October 31st Here is what I hope to be a kind of treat for the occasion: a new trailer

I hope to see you many next Wednesday

20th October 2018

Guys: episode 2 is not very far from being finished We'll have to wait a little longer; but in the meantime, I remind/inform you that you can get a glimpse HERE (videos 12 to 18).

I promise you many more surprises I can not wait to introduce them to you. See you soon !

15th April 2018

Hi everybody!

Here is a Let's play of MTK's first level, released this morning, and offered by Mr. Rumble Roses.

Thanks to him

9th April 2018


Some game startup issues have been reported by people who already have Eduke32 projects on their computer.

So I offer the version 1.1 of MTK, wich normally corrects this problem.

I would like to thank Mark, Micky C, Player Lin and zykov eddy from Duke4 for their advice

8th April 2018

Finally! The release day is come, after four months of development! Thanks again to the followers for their support.

I am pleased to present you "Mr The Killer", a 3D episode of the "Le Tueur" series! I hope you will enjoy crossing the six levels and, perhaps, allowing The Killer to escape the police.

In case of problems, do not hesitate to consult the available information. I also invite you to contact me if you have any questions ( [at]

So enough on that! The weapons have been delivered, the police are ready for action,... Let the game begin! Mhi mhiii!

Older Games :

Genre : retro FPS
Game size : 118 Mo
Actual version : 2.01
Language : English
Compatibility : Windows 64 bits
Duration : 2h or more
Release date : Sunday 8th April 2018
Tools : Build Engine + EDuke32
How to install MTK?
(1) Unzip the file in "C:" (recommanded!).
(2) Execute "=INSTALL=.bat" in "C:\Mr The Killer".
(3) At launch of the game, choose a screen resolution (recommanded: 1024x768).
(4) You are ready to play! ^^
Introduction :

Trailers :   |
This crazy game is a retro FPS with a very slight RPG dimension. You play the character of "The Killer" : an autistic hitman disguised as Death.

Your boat sank and the ocean current carried you to the nearby shores. These are, unfortunately, those of a country where you are wanted by police for past misdeeds. You will have to show skill and courage to get you out of this bad situation. Will you successfully lead The Killer to the neighbouring border, to a place where he would escape his pursuers?

Design :

"Mr The Killer" is constructed using the 3D "Build" engine, created by Ken Silverman. Here is a Mod of the 3D Realms legendary game "Duke Nukem 3D", which is currently working thanks to EDuke32 virtual machine.

Only the foundations of Duke Nukem have been preserved ... The gameplay has been revised, the graphics, sounds and music completely replaced, many talking characters have been created and a large number of new events programmed. It is likely that this game will surprise you!

This project is included in the "Le Tueur" series, following the 2D trilogy ( It is not essential to have played the previous opus to enjoy this new episode, at most you will miss some references ;)

Other informations :

Creation, music, graphics and additional programming by Seb Luca.
Development: December 2017 to March 2018 (Ep1), April and July to Octobre 2018 (Ep2).

Help The Killer escape the police!